Open Play


How does Open Play work?

Open Play time is set up as a walk on basis, first come first served, with no advanced reservations required.  We sign you in as you walk in the door with teams split evenly as players come and go.  ABSOLUTELY NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 6 IS PERMITTED TO PLAY DUE TO SAFETY AND LIABILITY ISSUES.

A siren whines, and its volume suddenly overwhelms all other sounds on the ravaged battleground. Soldiers peek out from between layers of sandbags. Some stick to the camouflage netting on the edges of the field, cautious, yet daring to hope that the keening noise means a ceasefire. They’re out of ammo. Finally, the call comes over the loudspeaker—”Reload!”—and they rush forward, snatching up handfuls of bright orange darts and popping them back into their plastic weapons. Once the siren goes silent, the fighting will begin anew, and the indoor arena will once again become a flurry of foam projectiles and laughter.

This scenario is a typical open play session at the Tag Zone, where an armory of Nerf guns ensures safe yet thrilling competitions. Every battle follows the rules of one of four team-based games: squad vs. squad, capture the flag, protect the leader, or “the prison.” Youngsters ages 6 and up launch and dodge the soft missiles in an indoor arena dappled with padded obstacles. Field #1 is set in a apocalyptic urban setting, whereas Field #2 stacks sandbags and barrels around 1,900 square feet of military-themed space. To encourage teamwork and fair play, a referee is always on hand to oversees each bout.


2018 Hours: Friday and Saturday, 6:00pm-10:00pm

Cost for Open Play:
First hour only $10.00+tx
Staying for two hours? Only $18+tx
All guns and ammo included.

Receive 10% off with PTA card for groups of 5 or more

What Games Are Played?

Squad vs squad
Objective: Eliminate opposing squad.
Game: Each team begins from its home base. At the signal, the players must find and tag the entire opposing team before being itself eliminated.

Protect the leader
Objective: To seek and tag the opposing team’s leader.
Game: Each team must protect its leader from getting tagged
Volunteer players will attempt to eliminate the opposing team’s leader.

Capture the Flag
Objective: To end the game with both team’s flag in its possession, in its home base.
Game: Each team begins with their own flag, located at their home base.
The players must retrieve the opposing team’s flag.

The Prison
Objective: The players are to be tagged and placed in the opposing team’s prison.
Game: The teams begin in their own home base. When a player is tagged, he must head for the other team’s prison. The prisoner (s) are to be rescued by a teammate so that he (they) may continue the game. The prisoner is rescued from prison when his own teammate hand tags him out. The game is terminated when an entire team is imprisoned.

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